25 Best Business Ideas Under 10 Lakhs Investment In India

business ideas with 10 lakh investment

We get it: You’ve always loved the idea of being your boss and doing things that you’re passionate about. You’ve been rooting for so many years to start a business but you restricted yourself as you didn’t want to jump into it without any financial safety. 

After developing the courage and saving up to manage the next six months’ expenses of your entrepreneurial journey, you’ve finally decided to start one. 

But you’re confused about the varied options. Right?

People who have succeeded in business recommend choosing an idea that has high demand, profitability, and a capital amount not exceeding 10 lakhs. As a first-time business owner, you can take a business loan for this amount and repay it without much hassle. 

So, in this blog, we’ve put together a list of 25 profitable business ideas under 10 lakhs investment to kick-start your entrepreneurial journey. 

25 Business Ideas to Start your Entrepreneurial Journey 

Without any delay, let’s dive into the ideas.

1. Home Bakery 

Sounds interesting, right? Home baking business gained its momentum during COVID and is still preferred by the majority of women bakers who’re looking to start their own business. 

Be it a birthday, wedding, or any festival, the celebration commences by sharing cakes, pastries, and cookies with loved ones. So, starting a home baking business would be profitable. 

Utilize your network to get started or tie up with a local bakery. Set up a business page on Instagram and promote your baking business to reach your target audience. 

Equipment: An oven, a refrigerator, mixers, and blenders.

Investment: 3-5 lakhs

2. Cloud kitchen 

A cloud kitchen is a delivery-only business model where people order food online through a website or phone call and get it delivered to their doorsteps. With changing lifestyles, people are shifting towards eating food from the comfort of their homes through online delivery over dine-in restaurants. 

However, here’s the catch. Since food is the only thing that connects you with your customers, you have to make it top-notch to convince people to order from you repeatedly. Invest in skilled chefs and serve good food without compromising the quality.

Equipment: Ovens, refrigerators, freezers, commercial fryers, and fire suppression systems. 

Investment: 7-8 lakhs

3. ECommerce/DTC Store

E-commerce and DTC (direct-to-consumer) businesses are on the rise and there is no better time to start one than now. Choose any sector ranging from clothing, food, shoes, toys, gifts, or jewels. 

We recommend you to identify a niche that:

  • Has high demand
  • Has comparatively low competition
  • You’re good at or interested in

Become hyper-targeted to make the online store more profitable. 

For example, let’s say you want to start a clothing store. This is highly competitive, so you can niche down to clothes only for women. Yet, again, a highly saturated market, so target maternity wear for women.   

Hire a website builder to build a website that is easy to navigate and allows customers to place their orders online. Consider becoming a seller on third-party websites such as Amazon, Flipkart, and Meesho among others. 

Equipment: Depends on the niche. 

Investment: 3-5 lakhs 

4. Disposable Plates and Cups Business

Manufacturing disposable cups and plates is another profitable business idea under 10 lakhs that you can consider in 2024. As consuming food in plastic plates and cups is dangerous to health, people are looking for sustainable and environment-friendly alternatives. 

Manufacturing plates and cups using paper is a profitable business that requires investment in getting the right equipment and employees to manufacture in large quantities. 

When you’re just starting out, you can even consider partnering with a manufacturer. Whitelabel the products as per your brand requirements and sell them directly to the consumer or a retailer. 

Equipment: Automatic paper cup manufacturing machine and dyes.  

Investment: 7-8 lakhs 

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5. Food Trucks 

Do you cook different snacks that could make the stomach crave more? Opening a food truck is the best business for you. 

Food trucks have become more prevalent in the past couple of years among beach sides and areas where people move in masses. 

To open a food truck, you must decide on a cuisine. If it is Chinese, American, or South Indian foods that can attract people. Then, invest in the equipment needed and decide on a location where people are always crowded. 

Equipment: Refrigerator, microwave, oven, gas stoves, and a well-maintained vehicle. 

Investment: 7-8 lakhs 

6. Opening A Restaurant or Cafe 

A restaurant or cafe might seem like a really old idea, but it is highly profitable compared to other businesses. 

This is a highly saturated business, so you need to ensure you stand out if you’re starting one. But do you know what could make your cafe distinct from competitors? Location of the cafe, customer service, quality of the food, the vibe of the place, and fun activities. 

Equipment: Ovens, food processors, slicers, deep fryers, toasters, coffee makers, and refrigerators. 

Investment: 8-10 lakhs 

7. Stationery Shop

Stationery items are used predominantly by students and businesses. 

Starting a stationery business requires stacking up products from suppliers. Make sure to open the shop in a busy area to get more eyeballs on your store. 

Equipment: Stationery items, furniture, and racks

Investment: 2-3 lakhs 

8. Franchise Stores

A franchise business model works by paying the franchisor to use his/her brand’s name and idea and starting an outlet under the established business name. 

But is it the same as starting a new business? Not at all. While you still need to create a customer base, you’re making use of the brand’s popularity to sell it to their audience in your city. 

This business is also profitable as there will be enough people who are already looking to buy from your franchise. 

Equipment: Depends on the niche.

Investment: Depends on the franchisor. The franchise fee starts from INR 3 lakhs minimum. 

9. Pest Control Business 

Be it corporate companies, schools, or individual families living in homes, or in any building, you’ll notice bugs and pests that should be controlled with chemicals. This business never goes out of demand. 

A pest control business helps to eradicate mosquitoes, bugs, and other insects. Adding to that, it also carries out the prevention process of spraying chemicals to the specific areas prone to these pests. 

Equipment: Traps, cages, applicators, chemicals, and a pest control truck to carry all these things. 

Investment: 2-3 lakhs 

10. Travel Agency 

Love to travel or do you have a passion for researching various locations and creating an itinerary? Then, starting a travel agency would be a great option for you. 

Most people love to travel, but the hassle of planning everything from location, accommodation, food, and adventurous activities is not everyone’s favorite thing to do. 

So, people reach out to travel agencies to help them out with their dream vacation. This is a low-investment business idea and you can make it profitable when you have a particular niche (example – corporate travel, team offsite, or honeymoons) and branding. 

Equipment: A computer, business phone line, printer, and fax machine.

Investment: 2-3 lakhs 

11. Gym 

People are becoming increasingly conscious about their health due to the nature of their jobs and sedentary lifestyles. If you’re a fitness freak passionate about making a positive impact in people’s lives, know that this is a lucrative market. 

Choose your niche like if you want to help senior citizens or young professionals. Finding a location that is accessible to your audience is crucial, and if possible combine it with additional services like diet and nutrition. 

Equipment: Dumbbell, battle ropes, treadmill, resistance bands, and suspension trainers. 

Investment: Around 10 lakhs 

12. Spa Services 

For people who’re sitting for long hours due to desk jobs, getting a massage at the spa can be extremely relaxing for the muscles. Spa services are booming and evolving constantly as people see this as a way of self-care. 

If you’re a massage therapist or have an interest in it, then consider starting a spa business as it fits into our list of 2024 business ideas under 10 lakhs. You could start as a mobile spa where you need to reach your client’s place with your equipment and serve them. Then, after gaining momentum, shift into a luxury spa. 

Equipment: Facial machines, technician chairs, treatment trolleys, and lounge furniture. 

Investment: 3-5 lakhs 

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13. Wedding Planning 

Possess some great organizing skills that you can even hold a wedding event without losing your cool? Becoming a wedding planner can be exciting for you. 

As couples spend long hours on their work, they hand over the wedding preparations to these planners to enjoy the wedding without any tension. A wedding planner arranges everything from the wedding hall, food and beverages for guests, and decorations. 

This is also a profitable business as you’ll earn 15-20% of the wedding budget as a commission. 

Equipment: Inventory of wedding supplies. 

Investment: 2-3 lakhs 

14. Grocery Store

Opening a grocery store is a straightforward business. You’ll help people buy essential household items from your store. Manage your inventory with a wide range of items to serve people what they need. 

Apart from that, you need to choose the right location as your store’s success depends mainly on this. Factors to check are population density, visibility, parking space, store rent, and demographics of that particular area. 

Equipment: Stack up all essential household items.

Investment: 6-8 lakhs 

15. Photography and Videography

How great would it be to capture people’s important days and memories? If you or your crew of people possess basic knowledge of photography and editing, then this business can help you monetize your interest. 

Purchase the right equipment that is required to capture the moment realistically and naturally. Additionally, conduct market research to know about their offer and prices. Then, try to fill the gap and decide your packages. 

Equipment: A camera, few lenses, a tripod, and batteries.

Investment: 4-5 lakhs

16. Organic Food Shop

Ever tried cultivating food organically on your own? Then, why not make it a business and help people consume fresh and organic veggies? 

Veggies and fruits consumed now are mostly treated by chemical-based pesticides and fertilizers. And so, people are looking for a healthier option to not harm their bodies. Moreover, they are ready to pay more for such organic foods. 

An organic food shop is highly profitable and you can hire more people to help you with the cultivation and production. 

Equipment: Racks to store veggies. 

Investment: 3-4 lakhs 

17. Incense Sticks Manufacturing 

Starting an incense stick business in India would never go wrong. In India, incense sticks are widely used in festivals and religious places. Apart from India, you can also export incense sticks to other Asian countries such as Japan and China where the demand is high. 

You need to invest in an incense stick manufacturing machine and source raw materials like bamboo sticks and color powder. As you grow the business, employ people and shift it into a big unit. 

Equipment: Incense sticks making machine. 

Investment: Around 10 lakhs

18. Preschool/Daycare 

Are you someone who immensely loves to care, nurture, and educate children? If yes, a daycare business is waiting for you as working families are looking for caring childcare providers.

According to Statista, the size of the Indian preschool and childcare market is expected to be around 4.7 billion U.S. dollars. You can either rent a particular area from scratch or start your home. 

You need to register your preschool and get a trade license. Plus, ensure factors like fire safety, ventilation, sanitation, safe drinking water, and pest control measures. 

Equipment: Children chairs and tables and high-quality toys 

Investment: 2-3 lakhs 

19. Yoga School

Similar to a gym, opening a yoga school is equally profitable. More and more people are trying their hands on yoga as this serves as a way of caring for both mind and body. 

Getting certified is crucial as people prefer to learn yoga from masters rather than random ones. If you’re already certified, start a yoga school to teach people in your city. All you need is just a space for rent and good branding. 

Equipment: Light and sound equipment, yoga mats, yoga strap and block. 

Investment: 4-5 lakhs 

20. Xerox or Printing Business 

Starting a Xerox or printing business is simple compared to other ones. As this requires low investment, you just need a rental space and a few Xerox machines and printers to start your business. 

The success of this business purely relies on the location you choose. Choose an area near educational institutions, tuitions, or bustling places. As the business grows, you can pair up services like lamination, binding, and courier to make it profitable. 

Equipment: Xerox machine and a printer. 

Investment: 4-5 lakhs 

21. Makeup Artist 

Ever applied makeup by yourself and been surprised that you’re incredibly good at this? Start a makeup business and generate money out of it. 

People getting ready for occasions or festivals prefer makeup artists to avoid imperfection. And so, you can help them enhance their beauty with your service. 

Getting certified is not necessary, however having one can make a difference in acquiring clients. Pair it with services like styling to become irreplaceable. 

Equipment: Primer, foundation, concealers, makeup kits, and the latest cosmetics. 

Investment: 1-2 lakhs 

22. Dropshipping 

Dropshipping is a business model that doesn’t require any inventory management at all. Customers place the order through a website and pay the amount for the particular product to you. Then, you’ll pay the manufacturer and he will send the product directly to the customer. 

This is similar to the ecommerce business model but the thing is you don’t want to manage inventory. Similarly, get hyper-targeted and start branding on social media platforms to become successful. 

Equipment: A computer.  

Investment: 1-2 lakhs 

23. Become A Reseller 

Looking for an idea that involves low risk and high profit? Becoming a reseller would be a wise choice. 

A reseller is someone who buys products from various manufacturers and sells them to customers. More people prefer this business as you don’t need to manufacture products from square one. You just need to resell. 

Choose a niche that you have high knowledge of to turn it into a profit. For example, if you know enough about mobile accessories, then reselling these would be profitable. 

Equipment: Depends on the niche. 

Investment: 2-4 lakhs 

24. Sell your Services Online (Freelancer) 

Looking for a way to monetize your skill? Become a freelancer to start selling your services. Freelancing is a form of self-employment where you don’t commit yourself to one company. 

You can work with multiple clients on a contract basis and work from anywhere in the world. There is a wide range of services that you can offer: writing, marketing, advertising, website designing, graphic designing, video editing, UX designing, and programming. 

Choose a service that you have some knowledge of, take additional courses, and get a portfolio done with mock pieces. Then, start selling your services online and serve clients. 

Equipment: A computer or laptop.

Investment: 1-2 lakhs 

25. Driving School

Earlier, people employed a driver to take road trips and picnics. But now people are more interested in driving a car on their own. 

So, if you have driving skills and if you love to teach driving to other people, start a driving school. Purchase second-hand vehicles and adhere to the rules and regulations of starting a driving school in India. 

Choose a location where you can manage both office and park vehicles. Serve both private and group classes depending upon the customer’s needs. 

Equipment: Second hand cars and a small office setup.

Investment: 7-8 lakhs 

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Start your Entrepreneurial Journey with Credmudra 

Starting a business and succeeding in it requires knowledge of that particular industry, hard work, patience, and grit. Even with these things, it is just a thought or dream. 

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1. Is it Possible to Start A Business with Just 5 Lakh Rupees?

Yes, 5 lakh rupees can be sufficient to start various types of businesses. Some ideas include catering and food delivery services, property management, telecommunications services, financial advising, manufacturing optical frames, online retail stores, and selling clothes and handicrafts. You can read our blog “25 Business Ideas Under 5 lakh Investment In India” to get a clearer understanding of this. 

2. What are Some Small Manufacturing Business Ideas that can be Started?

For small manufacturing businesses, consider producing packaging boxes and cartons, making scented incense sticks, designing custom T-shirts, or setting up a tissue paper manufacturing unit.

3. What are the Basic Steps to Start a Business from Scratch?

Here’s a simple guide to starting your own business:

  • Create a business plan for your startup.
  • Identify your target market or industry.
  • Source the appropriate suppliers for your business.
  • Acquire the necessary equipment and tools.
  • Apply for any required business licenses.
  • Develop a website to showcase your business.
  • Market your business.
  • Officially open your business.


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