Laugh Your Way to Prizes! Credmudra’s #BudgetLOLContest

Laugh Your Way to Prizes!

At Credmudra, we believe in turning the serious world of finance into a laugh riot! And what better way to do that than with our latest giveaway – the #BudgetLOLContest! Are you ready to tickle those funny bones and win some fabulous prizes? Here’s how to get in on the hilarity:

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How to Enter:

Step into the spotlight by creating a hilarious reel related to expensive loans or items. Show us your wit and creativity! Once you’ve crafted your masterpiece, post it in your Instagram story, tag @credmudra, and don’t forget to use the hashtag #BudgetLOLContest. Oh, and make sure you’re following us too! Keep it light-hearted and fun, but let’s keep it classy, folks. Remember, the final call rests with our organizers.

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Winner Announcement & Prize Claim:

Hold onto your seats! The winner will be crowned within 48 hours after the contest wraps up. We’ll spill the beans on our Instagram page, so keep those eyes peeled. Once you’ve bagged the glory, make sure to slide into our DMs with your contact details within 24 hours. Otherwise, we’ll have to pick another lucky soul.


The prize? Ah, now that’s the real fun part! But trust us, it’ll be worth the giggle. Just remember, prizes can’t be swapped, traded, or cashed in – they’re all about spreading joy!

The first winner gets Boat’s smartwatch

The second winner gets Mivi’s Speaker

And the third winner gets Boat’s neckband

Publicity & Privacy:

By jumping into the contest, you’re giving us the thumbs-up to use your Instagram handle and reel for some good ol’ promotional fun. Your personal info? Locked up tight and used solely for managing this sidesplitting contest – no funny business here!

Disqualification & Liability:

Keep it clean! Anyone tampering with the entry process or indulging in rule-breaking antics risks disqualification. And as for disappointment, loss, or any unexpected surprises, our team or affiliates won’t be held responsible.

Eligibility & Contest Period:

If you’re 18 or older and not part of our Credmudra family (or their clan), you’re game! Mark your calendars – entries are open from December 18th to January 1st. Don’t dilly-dally; latecomers won’t make it to the laughter party!


Just a heads-up, this shindig is all ours! It’s not linked to Instagram or Boat or any other company; it’s our own little comedy show!

So, get those creative juices flowing, turn on the humor, and let’s make this holiday season a barrel of laughs. Who knows? You might just be the comedy king or queen we’re looking for!


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