Smart Ways to Utilise Instant Personal Loan

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One of the major advantages of an instant personal loan is its restriction-free end usage. The lender disburses the amount to your account and you can use the credit to meet any sort of requirements. Still, since you have to pay interest on your loan amount, you should take the loan only when it is absolutely necessary or benefits you the most. Check out the ways you can use a personal loan smarty.

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7 Most Effective Usages of Instant Personal Loan

Following are some ways you can leverage a personal loan smartly:

  • Consolidating Your Debts 

You can take an instant personal loan to consolidate all your existing debt obligations. Debt consolidation allows you to combine all your loans into a single, larger loan, which means that all your EMI payments will be merged. 

As a result, you will have to repay only one loan. It will eliminate your burden of paying multiple EMIs according to their due dates, making your repayment effortless. 

  • Paying Education Fees for Your Child

Getting an education loan can be more challenging than it may seem. Generally, lenders prefer giving this credit to students when they get admission to highly acclaimed and recognised universities and have high scores in their academics. As an alternative to this credit, you can go for an instant personal loan to meet the credit for the tuition fees of your child. 

  • Renovating Your Home and Kitchen

Renovation lets you upgrade the style, design, and amenities of your house or kitchen. If you are in a shortage of cash, taking a personal loan can help you substantially. You can utilise the credit to bear the cost of materials and pay the service charges of designers and builders. Further, you can use the money to buy new gadgets and appliances, thereby making your life more comfortable.

  • Arranging Wedding Expenses

You can take an instant personal loan to get the lump sum capital required to arrange a marriage ceremony. It will help you pay for lighting, decoration, photography, jewellery, catering, gifts, etc. As a result, you do not need to make any adjustments to your wedding budget due to a shortage of finance and can make the lifetime event something to remember. 

  • Investing in Your Small Business

You can take a personal loan to establish your small business or start-up. You can invest the amount on buying equipment, managing inventory, marketing products, etc. If you already have a small business, you can use the borrowed capital to maintain the working capital requirement, buy necessary equipment, and enhance the commercial aspects.

  • Paying Emergency Medical Bills

During a medical emergency, you need a lump sum of money within a short span to initiate the treatment. In such a situation, you can take an instant personal loan to meet the financial requirements without delay. This will not only help you pay the hospitalisation cost and doctor’s fees, but you can also use the money to pay for the attendee’s accommodation and food.

  • Going on Holiday Trips

You may have a long-cherished desire to go on a fancy holiday trip to one of your favourite destinations. If the cost is more than your budget, you can fulfil your dream by taking a personal loan. You can also keep this money with you during your travel to stay prepared for any unplanned expenses.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Taking a Personal Loan 

Here are a few aspects that you need to ensure while taking an instant personal loan:

  • Check Instalment Amount

Ensure that the instalment amount of your personal loan is not higher than what you can repay. Otherwise, you may face financial difficulties to pay off your loan obligations. You can use a personal loan EMI calculator to know your instalment amount on your principal at a certain tenure. 

  • Determine Your Loan Requirement

You can take the right amount of personal loan by determining the actual amount you require to meet any capital shortage. This way, you will have to borrow neither more nor less than your requirement. 

  • Check Eligibility Criteria

In case you do not meet the eligibility criteria of your chosen lender, your application for an instant personal loan can get rejected. You can also apply for an instant loan through Credmudra to avoid such a scenario. 

To get a personal loan through Credmudra, all you have to do is provide some basic personal information and loan requirements. The platform will find a suitable lender for you based on your requirements, thereby acting as the perfect loan match-maker between you and your loan!

In case you face any financial emergency, you can go for an instant personal loan to meet your short-term capital requirement. Since it is a credit without any restriction on its end usage, you can leverage the amount for any personal or professional reasons. However, you should use the loan amount wisely as it comes at the cost of a certain interest.

FAQs About Smart Ways to Utilise Personal Loan

  • How will I get the personal loan amount?

Once approved, the lender will disburse the personal loan amount to the linked bank account. You can withdraw the total or a portion of the disbursed amount from your account at your convenience.

  • How can I ensure quick approval of my personal loan application?

At CredMudra, loan approval is instant and hassle-free once the application is approved by a lender. In case you fail to meet certain eligibility parameters, you can apply with a co-borrower to ensure quick approval.

  • What happens if I borrow more than I shall use?

If you do not use the total borrowed amount, you should ideally keep it aside. There is no way you can waive the interest on your unutilised amount. You can use the excess amount to pay off your upcoming EMIs.


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